Hey, what’s up!?


We’re Jordan McGraw, Matt Black, and Drew Langan of Hundred Handed, a pop rock band from Los Angeles, California. Jordan sings and plays guitar, Drew plays the drums, and Matt plays the bass. We started the band in 2015 after years of being in other bands that just didn’t quite make us happy enough. Drew and Jordan were in a band together and Matt was our guitar tech; one day on the road, we sat down and said to each other:


“Guys…we should be having the time of our lives, playing music that WE really love, and making sure people have the chance to have fun with us! Let’s start a band and treat it like the first bands each of us were in. You know the feeling?! That unapologetic energy, mixed with the excitement of having fun and doing your favorite thing in the world with your best friends!”


A heartbeat later…HUNDRED HANDED was born!!!


After that, we locked ourselves in a room and went rounds playing all of our favorite songs for each other. After hours and hours of laughing, ripping on each other, imbibing a few libations, and listening to music, we put together our influences of Blink-182, Daft Punk, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, and anything else with a good vibe and mixed that with our unavoidably irresponsible sense of humor and out came the songs! We then asked our friends Mike Green, Eddie Jackson, and David Bendeth to help us put our ideas together and came up with a sound that is uniquely us. It’s fun, it’s happy, and we just can’t manage to take ourselves too seriously…AND IT’S JUST WHAT WE WANTED.


After signing with Universal Australia and having our first run of shows ‘down under,’ we came home knowing we had absolutely made the right decision embarking on this journey together. We’ve been lucky enough to play some cool shows overseas, do a nationwide tour, play some TV shows, and meet some pretty amazing, like-minded people along the way. Our first single ‘She Was the One’ even got a couple million plays on Spotify (we swear they weren’t all from our moms!). And all of these adventures are just the beginning…


This year, we will be putting out 1 song each month or so and something fun to watch with each new tune. So far, we’ve started the year with ‘Vibe’ in January, and followed it up with ‘Celebrate’ and then ‘Miss California’ soon after. When you have a chance, be sure to check those out and keep an eye out for some more fun songs and a couple of surprises in-between. Join the party and let’s lose the guilt in having too much fun! We want to see you having a good time with us!


But enough about us….what’s your name?


– Hundred Handed


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